Siena and Cinque Terre Spotlight

Two other fantastic spots I traveled to in Italy included Siena and Cinque Terre. Siena reminded me of a larger Lucca, with several bell towers, the famous Piazza del Campo, and amazing panoramic views from various lookout points.

While in Siena, my husband and I went on a wine tour to Montalcino region. What a treat! I wish we had more time to explore this region and the other wine villages close by. The famous Brunello di Montalcino gives any wine I've tasted prior a run for its money. The wines here are so full and flavorful, I seriously wanted to take the vineyard home with me! Highly recommend doing a day trip to a winery, we used Franco Fadda tours. Franco knows his stuff as he lives in the Montalcino region. He takes you to local wineries and included in the tour is an authentic Italian meal (4 courses!!). 

Cinque Terre. Yup, totally moving here. If you are looking to see some of Italy's beautiful coast, this is the place to go. I loved Riomaggiore, the town we stayed in. Not to mention our studio was located right in the harbor off the water. Amy, from Riomaggiore Reservations, has stunning apartments and studios at a very fair price! There are 5 villages, Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso. I didn't make it to Corniglia, but the remaining villages are all fantastic. Monterosso is more resort like, and has the best beaches. Vernazza is stunning but the most popular so tourism is crazy here! Manarola is picturesque and similar feel as Riomaggiore. It may be because we stayed here, but Riomaggiore was my favorite village.  If you are into hiking, take advantage of all the coastal trails between the villages. Be mindful of trail closures when planning your hike. I did the Monterosso to Vernazza trail. Warning, the first hour is HARD! You are going straight uphill for a good portion of the trail, but if you can stick it out, the views of Vernazza are stunning.  Love love love Cinque Terre!

Siena and Cinque Terre photos are up! Cinque Terre definitely lives up to all the hype, the towns are absolutely...

Posted by Ellie Ann Photography on Thursday, July 23, 2015